Healthcare is a complex and evolving sector. It encompasses medical services and systems, as well as the business that supports them.

It is an enormous expenditure, equating to 17 percent of the US economy. This figure has been on an unstoppable rise, and could continue to increase over time.

What is thehealthcare?

Healthcare is a broad category of medical and allied services, such as preventive health care. It also includes more specific treatments for physical and mental illnesses, and it refers to the process of providing these services. The Oxford English dictionary defines it as “the efforts to maintain or restore health.” It is not a new term, but it has remained relevant due to its popularity in the United States and Canada. These example sentences are chosen automatically from numerous sources and are not meant to be taken as a definitive source of information.

About thehealthcare

Healthcare is the entire ecosystem of goods, services and payment mechanisms for achieving and maintaining health. It includes doctor offices, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, physical therapy offices, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers and many more entities. It also includes health insurance companies, group purchasing organizations and corporate healthcare systems. In the modern world, healthcare has become conscripted by governments, political ideologues and third parties to conveniently and neatly define whatever they want to “give” you. However, you need to remember that the actual health service you receive, be it through a doctor, hospital or other provider is far more complex and varies from patient to patient depending on the needs of the individual. Therefore, it is a personal decision to choose a landscape that best suits your needs and goals.


ThedaCare delivers healthcare to more than 650,000 community members in 17 counties throughout northeast and central Wisconsin. It is the largest health care provider in this region and offers primary care, cancer and blood disorders, cardiovascular, orthopedics, behavioral health, neurology and stroke, women’s health, and pain management services.

Thedacare’s mission is to provide people with access to quality, affordable health care. It is a leader in population health, partnering with communities to understand their needs and find solutions together.

For example, thedacare’s Lifeline – a nurse-staffed 24-hour call center – helps patients find their doctor or locate other sources of health information and connects them with classes on health-related topics. Thedacare also provides air medical transport through its heliport and an emergency helicopter service called Theda Star.

Two years into a pilot program called IDCOP (in-office practice improvement), ThedaCare has already seen dramatic improvements in office-based patient care. Its practices have seen more patients see their own doctors, the number of visits per doctor is lower, and productivity and revenue are up. And, staff satisfaction is at an all-time high. Thedacare is currently working with 21 of its own practices to redesign their clinics using IDCOP. The results of these efforts have proven to be well worth the effort.

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