How to Find Old Medical Records From Childhood

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If you’re searching for old medical records from your childhood, it’s important to know how to go about finding them. The process varies by state and may require you to

Benjamin Franklin and Syphilis

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As a man of great intelligence and talent, Benjamin Franklin was renowned throughout his lifetime. He was a renowned scientist, politician, and publisher. His fame was not without controversy. He

What Does Abnormal Test Results Mean?

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Lab tests are used to monitor your health or diagnose a medical condition. They can be tricky to interpret, and sometimes, one test result means something different than multiple out-of-range

What Patients Should Know About Procedure Abnormality Status

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When a procedure returns abnormal results or the patient is not informed, it can put the patient at risk of further procedures and treatment. This article explains what patients should

How to Write Medically Effectively

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Medical writing is a profession that involves communicating health and medicine related information in an appropriate manner to the target audience. It may take various forms such as research documents,

Medicare For All Politics

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The single-payer health insurance proposal known as Medicare for All (M4A) has been a hot topic of conversation for years. However, there is a great deal of confusion about what

The Dangers of Pathologizing

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Pathologizing is when people treat others differently or mentally categorize someone as abnormal. This can be in reference to medical or psychological symptoms, as well as their physical appearance and

How to Get Medical Records From a Closed Practice

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When a doctor’s practice closes, patients often wonder how to get their medical records. There are several steps that should be taken to ensure that the patient receives their medical

How to Get Medical Records From a Closed Practice

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Many patients and their care partners struggle to gather medical records when their doctor’s practice closes. This can lead to significant uncertainty, stress, and frustration for all concerned. Patients who

Is Health Care One Or Two Words?

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When it comes to grammar, there’s no set rule that says whether a word should be one or two words. That’s because the meaning of a word is often determined