The Impact of Weight Loss Drugs Outside of Pharma

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When it comes to weight loss, traditional interventions, from diet regimens to exercise routines, have been go-to solutions for most people. Even natural dietary supplements like Truvy have gone mainstream as more

How Do I Blog About Health?

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If you have a passion for health and wellness, you can create a blog that helps people lead healthy lives. Whether you want to write about fitness, cooking, or mental

3 Things Benjamin Franklin Invent

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Benjamin Franklin was a printer, postmaster, diplomat and a Founding Father, but he was also an inventor. He created bifocal glasses, the library stepstool (a chair whose seat folded down

Where Do Medical Records Go When a Practice Closes?

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Physicians closing their practice must be able to provide patients with access to their medical records. This is a legal requirement that is dictated by State medical board laws. The

Top Health Blogs for Medical Providers

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Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals where individuals or groups present their opinions. They work like online diaries and can include images and video. A few blogs focus on

Which President Had Syphilis?

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Syphilis is an STD that can cause health problems such as rashes, headaches and pain in the joints and muscles. If untreated, it can lead to the tertiary stage of

How Do I Get My Medical Records From a Closed Practice?

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If a physician closes his practice or retires, state law requires him to make medical records available to current and former patients. This typically includes posting a notification or otherwise

Closed Records and Protected Health Information

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If you need to move paper records that contain protected health information, use procedures that minimize incidental disclosure. Never leave them lying around and always use caution when handling such

How Do I Blog About Health?

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A wellness blog can attract readers looking for insight into their immediate health concerns as well as tips for overall wellness. It can also be a way to generate revenue

What Diseases Did Benjamin Franklin Have?

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Benjamin Franklin was an extraordinary statesman who helped lead the American colonies through their transition from British colonies to independent United States. He was also an avid scientist and inventor,