Sidney Garfield is an American medical doctor and pioneer of health maintenance organizations. He co-founded the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system with businessman Henry J.

In the 1930s, Sidney Garfield set up his hospital way out in the Mojave Desert to care for injured workers from the Colorado River Aqueduct project. He almost went broke.

What is Sidney Garfield’s Net Worth?

Sidney Garfield has a net worth of $ Million dollars. He is an American actor, known for playing brooding and rebellious characters.

When he was young, he was a strong-willed child who would often fight with his siblings and would have trouble sleeping. He was also a very outgoing person and loved to socialize with other people.

He was always very popular and had a lot of friends and family. He was also very talented and could do many things.

The studios wanted him to play crowd-pleasing melodramas, but he was insistent on quality scripts. He also refused to accept a role that they felt didn’t fit him.

He had a very short marriage to Roberta Cohn, who was an advocate of leftist causes and was a member of the Communist Party. However, she later quit the party after a year.

Sidney Garfield’s Age

Sidney Garfield, the pioneer of health maintenance organizations (HMOs), is still a little-known genius of 20th century American medicine. He and his partner and friend Henry J Kaiser co-founded the nation’s largest private, nonprofit, vertically integrated healthcare system – Kaiser Permanente – but he is often forgotten.

In the early 1930s, Dr. Garfield set up a six-bed contractor’s general hospital in the Mojave Desert to provide medical care for construction workers building the Colorado River Aqueduct.

The hospital was financed by an agreement with Industrial Indemnity Exchange, the largest insurer on the project. The insurance company was willing to pay the hospital a nickel per day for each worker who signed up.

This prepaid financing scheme quickly proved to be a success. Garfield then applied the principles of prepaid, prevention and group medical practice to hundreds of thousands of Kaiser shipyard workers and their families at Kaiser shipyards throughout California, Vancouver/Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sidney Garfield’s Height

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Sidney Garfield’s Weight

Sidney Garfield was a doctor and co-founder of Kaiser Permanente. He was born in New York on March 4, 1913.

In the early 1930s, he joined Eva Le Gallienne’s Civic Repertory Theatre. He changed his name to Jules Garfield and made his Broadway debut in the company’s Counsellor-at-Law.

He also toured with the group, and went on to star in a series of films. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1947’s Body and Soul.

Then, America entered World War II, and tens of thousands of men began working at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, Calif. They needed health care, but Kaiser wasn’t sure how to provide it.

So he hired Dr. Garfield to build a hospital six miles from the tiny town of Desert Center. This became the foundation of a new kind of healthcare organization that would later be called Kaiser Permanente (KP), which now covers almost 10 million people across eight states and the District of Columbia.

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