Jessica DaMassa is a seasoned interviewer and executive producer who hosts conferences, interviews, and videos focused on health technology. She is the ‘it girl’ of health tech interviewing. She focuses on the who’s who of health innovation and identifies trends in digital healthcare. She is the host and executive producer of ‘WTF Health – What’s The Future, Health?’

Her Career

Jessica is the ‘It girl’ of health tech interviewing, a seasoned host and executive producer with hundreds of interviews under her belt. She hosts conferences and video series focused on healthcare innovation and technology. She has interviewed ‘who’s who’ in the healthcare sector, from startups and VC investors to pharmas, insurance companies and hospital systems. Her project WTF Health has taken her around the world to dozens of health innovation conferences to ask everyone, everywhere – what’s the future of health?

She’s a passionate advocate, educator, researcher and clinician who works to drive innovation and advance the healthcare telehealth ecosystem. Her experience includes the design and development of innovative new delivery models, policy and regulations. She’s an expert in telehealth, clinical trials and digital therapeutics. She is currently VP of Virtual Care & Innovation at Ascension-Texas Ministry, and Clinical Professor at Dell Medical School at UT-Austin. She’s a member of the American Telemedicine Association and serves on several committees related to the field.

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