Voodoo is a mystical, African-based religion that’s deeply rooted in tradition. Its observances involve music, dancing and rituals that call upon natural elements like rivers, mountains or trees.

Psychic readings are an important part of the culture at Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo in New Orleans, but the shop also offers a wide array of spiritual products and services. The shop is centrally located in the French Quarter, and you can book your session online or with a psychic in the back.

Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo

Vodou is a syncretic religion that originated amongst enslaved peoples of primarily West African heritage in the French slave colony of Saint-Domingue. It’s connected to the eponymous Haitian voodoo goddess Erzulie, a protector of women and children.

A voodoo doctor near me might help you get rid of bad luck, bring love back into your life, or heal from past traumas. They’ll provide spiritual consultations and Vodou rituals that work to align you with the power of the lwa (Vodou spirits) to resolve your problems.

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo is a great place to learn about this mystical African American faith and find authentic items and services to help you along your journey. They also offer psychic readings and spiritual guidance to help you achieve your goals.

You can also check out the Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo application for your iPhone or iPod touch that allows you to learn about the history of this religion from initiated and highly-experienced practitioners. The app also features a number of powerful Voodoo spells to help you accomplish your goals and move forward in your life.

Anna Parmelee is a New Orleans native and the owner of Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo. She is often called the “Root Queen.” Her roots reach deep into her grandparents in the Northeast, her family’s heritage and the spiritual traditions she has encountered on her travels around the world.

Voodoo Spiritual Temple

Voodoo is an exotic gumbo of traditional African spiritual beliefs laced with Roman Catholicism and syncretic ideas, such as witchcraft. It’s a religion that focuses on death, but it also has a rich history of helping people and providing medical care.

It was brought to New Orleans by enslaved Africans in the 1700s, where it thrived during the reign of Marie Laveau II, who is buried in St. Louis Cemetery #1.

In Africa, the belief in a supreme God is known as vodun, and followers rely on spirits (loa) to communicate with this divine force. These spirits can be identified by their preferred sign and sacred element, as well as the color, fruit or number they represent.

A voodoo doctor near me can teach you how to connect with these spirits and harness their power. She can also help you remove curses and ward off evil spirits, as well as help heal your body and soul.

The Voodoo Spiritual Temple is the only formally established spot in New Orleans that specializes in traditional West African spiritual and herbal healing practices. Priestess Miriam Chamani offers a variety of services and products for sale, including physical charms, herbs and amulets, spells, and Tarot card readings.

It’s located in an old house that was once the residence of the Voodoo Queen. You can leave offerings at the altar, and there are books and spiritual items for sale in the back room.

Voodoo Shops

Voodoo is an African-influenced religion that focuses on ancestor spirits, nature and the power of rituals. Its practitioners use a variety of traditional healing herbs and plants to cure illnesses and help people find love and happiness.

Voodoo in New Orleans is a blend of traditional African spiritual beliefs and aspects of French Creole culture. It is also influenced by Haitian slaves who came to the city after the Haitian Revolution.

In the present, Voodoo helps individuals connect with their ancestors and spirits, and it is used to deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and loneliness. It is also used as a form of protection from evil spirits and bad luck.

During the 1700s, voodoo was practiced in New Orleans by enslaved Africans, as well as by freed slaves who wanted to keep their traditions. The religion grew in popularity during the 1830s, when it was at its heyday, under the influence of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

Today, a number of voodoo shops can be found throughout the city. These shops sell items related to voodoo such as voodoo dolls, perfumes and gris gris (Voodoo charms). They often also offer readings or spiritual consultations for visitors who wish to learn more about the religion. Some also have classes offered on voodoo.

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