happify health is an app that uses science-based activities and games to help users relieve stress and stop negative thoughts. Its strategies are derived from cognitive behavioral therapy.

The app offers a range of activities based on assessment questions that identify areas in a person’s life that need support. These can include health and well-being, relationships, family and kids, mindfulness, medication, work and money, and personal growth.

What is happify health?

Happify health is a digital platform that helps reduce stress, anxiety and negative thinking by delivering a combination of cognitive behavioral principles therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology, paired with games and activities. It also offers scientific transparency, allowing you to know how each activity is designed to help you.

Founded in 2012, New York-based Happify Health delivers coaching and therapeutic services through its self-guided digital platform. Its two core business lines are digital therapeutics – which help users manage stress, anxiety and depression, along with building leadership skills – and care delivery – which helps people with chronic conditions.

For those with a chronic condition, the company develops specialized prescription digital therapeutics (DTx) that are prescribed by physicians. It also develops non-prescription core solutions.

In a pilot study, the company found that individuals with self-reported cardiovascular disease risk factors who used Happify as recommended experienced greater improvements in subjective well-being and anxiety over time than those who did not. The analysis was done on data from a small sample of participants who engaged with the Happify platform or a psychoeducation control for 8 weeks.

How can happify health help me?

If you struggle with stress, anxiety or depression, happify health can help. It’s based on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, which can help you replace automatic negative thoughts with more helpful ones.

Using gaming, science and people, the company’s platform is designed to be highly engaging and personalized to fit into busy lives on any device. Its mental health solutions are available to consumers, employers and health plans.

Happify Connect is a partner agnostic enterprise gateway that creates a single digital entry point for people to be seamlessly screened with a series of questions and then guided to the right care based on their personalized needs, whether that’s telehealth, self-care or in-person therapy.

The company also offers a patient-centric solution, called Kopa, which is free to consumers and helps them better manage their chronic care journeys and experience by providing community support, tailored disease specific content, clinical and some mental health interventions at the right time.

What is happify health’s mission?

happify health’s mission is to develop skills that promote happiness and mental wellness for everyone. Founded on positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, the company helps people overcome negative thought patterns and build mindfulness, so they can experience more joy in their life.

Using evidence-based content, Happify’s app includes exercises designed to boost happiness and develop positive habits. Each exercise is accompanied by research explanations and brief directions.

Users can find learning “Tracks” — short educational courses created by Ph.D.s, MDs, therapists, and meditation teachers or coaches. Each track covers a specific area of their lives — for example, family and kids, work and money, or medication — and is designed to help people overcome negative thoughts and build mindfulness.

Several tracks are free, but you can also purchase “Happify Plus” for access to all premium content. Among the features of Happify Plus are learning “Tracks” and guided meditations, in-app games and journals, and a scientific assessment of your character strengths through the Values in Action (VIA) Institute on Character.

What is happify health’s vision?

Happify health has a clear vision to deliver the best mental and physical health services to people in their own time, on their own terms. Currently, the company offers digital therapeutics and care delivery solutions to help patients with chronic conditions and to manage their mental health.

Its goal is to deliver these services in a way that’s disruptive to the industry and helps to shorten the distance between need and care. The company has recently raised $73 million in funding through Series D and other related financing led by Deerfield Management Company with participation from Omega Capital Partners and ION Crossover Partners.

The New York-based company, which launched in 2012, builds app-based tools based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to help people overcome negative thought patterns and improve their overall sense of happiness. The company’s platform contains “Tracks,” or educational courses created by doctors, therapists and meditation teachers. These include activities such as appreciating the small things, practicing gratitude, and empathizing with others.

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