Despite her recent infamy, Duke University freshman and porn star Belle Knox is still working the industry. The 19-year-old has been open about her past work in adult films and is also an advocate for STD testing.

The star, whose positive HIV test sparked porn industry shutdowns this year, spoke at a Hollywood press conference. She said that during her last shoot before the test, her partner’s penis was bleeding and he didn’t wear a condom.

She is a model

Cameron Bay is an American pornstar and former cast member of the VH1 reality show Tool Academy. After a positive HIV test ended her adult industry career, she became an advocate for condom use in porn. She said she contracted the disease on a set in which she was not offered a condom. She also believes the industry testing system is flawed. She has called for all performers to be tested on set and not 30 days after the shoot.

The woman who testified on Wednesday that she has HIV prompted a moratorium in porn production. She has been identified as Cameron Bay, a performer who allegedly contracted the virus on a set without using a condom. The incident sparked outrage among fans of the starlet, and has fueled a debate over how porn producers should handle STD testing. In November, Los Angeles voters passed a measure mandating condom use in porn, but the industry has fought the law.

She is a performer

As many of you know, the porn industry shut down production this week after one of its performers tested positive for HIV. The woman, who goes by the name Cameron Bay, was screened after her sex partner reported symptoms of acute HIV infection. Her results were confirmed this week, and she announced that she contracted the virus on set.

Bay’s announcement sparked a wave of media coverage, and was followed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation urging the industry to require condom use on all sets. The group also supports a law passed by Los Angeles County that would require performers to use condoms.

In addition to Bay, two other porn actors have announced that they are HIV-positive. One of them, who is known only as John Doe, has been in the adult industry for two years and believes that he got HIV on set. Another, who is known only as Rod Daily, was a cast member of VH1’s reality show Tool Academy and shared an unprotected sex scene with Anthony Weiner’s text mistress Sydney Leathers.

She is a businesswoman

The sex industry has long been a magnet for controversy. Linda Boreman – better known as “Linda Lovelace” – became an instant star for her role in 1972’s crossover porn classic Deep Throat, but she later became a media favorite for her 1980 autobiography Ordeal, which recounted her alleged sexual abuse and enslavement at the hands of studio executives and others.

A week ago, porn producers in San Fernando Valley were told to put on their clothes and go home after an adult actress who works under the name Cameron Bay tested positive for HIV. The results of the test prompted a temporary shutdown of the industry as producers demanded that all of Bay’s sex partners be tested for the virus.

One of those sex partners, Rod Daily, who performs in gay pornography, has now confirmed that he is HIV-positive. He said he does not know how he contracted the disease, but he thinks it could have been during a film shoot because he usually uses condoms in pornography.

She is a mother

Before Cameron Bay became a performer, she was a hostess and tour guide. She also has an engineering management degree. She loves tattoos and has several on her body, including a garter belt on her left thigh, flowers under both armpits, and letters on the knuckles of her fingers. She is married and lives in Florida with her husband and son.

She is a former model for Hussie Models and is known for her creampie movies, but she also has appeared in gonzo productions. In her first year as a performer, she did boy-girl, anal sex and hardcore. She was one of the early pioneers of creampie-oriented adult movies, and her career took off in 2002 with Kick Ass Pictures’ Five Guy Creampie series.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Cameron Bay said she contracted HIV from a co-star who didn’t use a condom during her last shoot before her positive test. She called for better STD testing in porn and suggested that performers be tested on set before they start filming.

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