The health industry is constantly devising ways to save money, improve outcomes and promote healthier lifestyles. One example is decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that are enabling new models for healthcare management and delivery.

A DAO can be used to empower patients and researchers to share and manage data, allowing for easier collaboration in clinical trials. Additionally, they can also be used to streamline medical billing and insurance.

Access to health care

China achieves near-universal coverage through the provision of public financed basic medical insurance. This includes a scheme for rural and urban resident basic medical insurance, which is primarily funded by government subsidies; and employee based health care plans, which are funded by employer and employee payroll taxes.

Despite this, there are still substantial disparities between wealthier and less rich parts of the country. This disparity has a cascading impact on the quality of care and health outcomes, particularly in areas where poverty is high.

In addition, there are differences in hospital-based healthcare across the country, and these can impact the availability of general practitioners and outpatient specialist care. The Statistical Yearbook of the People’s Republic of China does not provide figures for general practitioners and outpatient specialists per capita, but the World Health Organization recommends that one general practitioner should be available for every 2,000 people.

To curb the growing cost of healthcare, Beijing has recently introduced a new system in which government health insurance provides only a fixed amount of reimbursement to hospitals for each disease. This approach, known as diagnosis-related groups, could discourage unnecessary services and cap fees.

Health data management

Health data management is the process of collecting, storing and managing medical information to help healthcare providers deliver better patient care. The right health data management can have a significant impact on patients’ wellbeing, the efficiency of the healthcare system and the bottom line of healthcare companies.

Data can be collected through the use of a variety of methods. It can be recorded through a personal health record or an electronic medical record (EMR).

The main goal of health data management is to ensure that the data in these records is accurate and up-to-date. It also makes sure that only authorized personnel have access to the information, and that it is stored securely.

With more complete documentation of health histories, doctors are able to diagnose illnesses faster and provide efficient treatment. It can also reduce wait times, optimize billing and insurance claims and improve communication overall.

Emotional health

The Chinese people focus their lives on a myriad of things, and the way they do so reflects an implicit understanding that everything originates from – and is animated by – impersonal forces known as Dao. To respond to this larger frame of reference, Chinese practitioners turn their attention to multiple practices ranging from calligraphy to qigong to meditation.

In the field of mind-body health, studies have found that a variety of practices may work to reduce stress through various mechanisms (Figure 1). A key mechanism involves interoception, which works through the brain to enhance well-being and regulate the cognitive control network. It also may improve emotional processing through the hypothalamus, anterior insula and ACC, regions that are involved in emotion regulation. This is one of the reasons why so many people report a positive impact of meditation on their mood and general sense of wellbeing. In addition, it can improve memory and concentration, energize the spirit, strengthen the character, and bolster immune function.

Health insurance

Health care is not for the faint of heart and the best way to protect yourself from the worst is to buy insurance. Healthcare dao offers a range of plans ranging from bare bones to fully rounded out. You can also take out a bespoke insurance policy to suit your specific requirements. Some plans even allow you to choose the provider based on location and price. Getting the right insurance plan can make you and your family better off than you were before.

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