Dr Jay Rosen (Alan Ruck) is the medical director of Walgreens and works on health innovation projects. He is also a visionary in the field of health technology and holds several years of experience in this sector.

In this week’s episode, “Old White Men,” he is the man who Elizabeth Holmes pitches her blood testing machine to. He doesn’t believe her technology initially, but he isn’t the only one who falls for it.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessments can be used to assess and monitor the progress of treatment for conditions such as dementia, amnesia, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.

These evaluations may include questions or paper and pencil tests that focus on attention, memory, language, executive functioning, visual-spatial relations, motor skills, and intelligence. They also assess social skills and personality functioning.

The results of a neuropsychological assessment can help clarify a diagnosis, provide a representative profile of strengths and weaknesses, and guide educational, psychological and neurological interventions. They can also assist in the acquisition of academic accommodations.

A thorough interview will be conducted to elicit information about your symptoms, medical history and medications. This information can help the doctor determine what tests should be used.

Neuropsychiatric Evaluations

Neuropsychiatric evaluations are designed to characterize the cognitive and behavioral changes resulting from brain injury, stroke, or other medical conditions. A comprehensive assessment typically includes a detailed medical record review, an in-depth clinical interview, and a variety of paper-pencil tests.

The assessment is completed by a qualified psychologist who is trained in neuropsychology, a specialty field of psychology that deals with the mental functioning of individuals. The evaluation can include testing of intelligence, memory, attention, visual-spatial skills, processing speed, language, emotional and behavioral functioning, personality traits, and executive functions (such as planning, abstracting, and conceptualization).

In addition to identifying areas of cognitive strengths and weakness, the results may also indicate rehabilitation potential. This helps patients and family members understand the nature of their cognitive challenges and identify strategies that can help them function at their best level.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations

The newest guidelines from the American College of Cardiology have defined an algorithm for perioperative cardiac risk assessment. This includes evaluation of a patient’s history and physical exam. This should be performed by a licensed medical professional and should include a discussion of the individual’s current medical condition and diagnosis, risk factors for surgical complications and management plan, including referrals for additional testing and treatment.

The physical examination should also include a focused assessment of functional capacity (i.e., climbing up a flight of stairs, walking up a hill, or performing heavy housework) to determine whether the patient is ready for surgery. In some patients, the evaluation may identify other problems that need to be addressed before the operation to ensure optimal health and safety for the patient.

The pre-surgical evaluations should be paid within the anesthesia base units. They are not separately billable, but can be considered a service to the surgeon. They should not be referred to as “clearing a patient for surgery” and should be discussed in a separate session with the surgeon.

Behavioral Interventions

A tidbit of information for you non-medical buffs out there, Dr. Jay Rosen was a senior VP of health innovation and a member of Walgreens illustrious corporate innovation team. His name may not be in your pocketbook, but his awe inspiring contributions to a healthier tomorrow are. One of his recent accomplishments was a collaboration with the University of Maryland Medical Center that will provide a unique, cutting-edge clinical research laboratory that is on par with some of the best in the country.

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