In a world where mental health is on crisis-level concern, seed-funded startup BeMe Health hopes to democratize mental health care for teens. The app, labeled a TikTok for mental health, is purpose-built to provide teens with a platform that looks and feels like social media or gaming, but includes curated content and coaching support that’s designed to improve their emotional well-being.

BeMe is a mobile platform that focuses on the mental health and emotional well-being of teens.

BeMe Health is a mobile platform that focuses on the mental health and emotional well-being of teens. The company provides relevant and curated content, learning opportunities, and the ability to connect with live coaches.

The company recently raised $7 million in seed funding from Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners. The funds will be used to expand the company’s operations and grow its customer base.

Teen mental health has become a serious public health issue in the United States. A 2021 Surgeon General health advisory identified the topic as an “urgent health issue” and noted that one in three high school students reported feeling persistently sad or hopeless.

Research now shows that digital support can be effective in alleviating teen depression and anxiety, but only if it offers the right combination of intervention types and features, and has a live human component. BeMe’s mobile platform combines the best of social, gaming and streaming engagement with a mix of curated mental health content, coaching and clinical care activities.

BeMe is a technology company.

BeMe is a technology company that is working to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of teens. The company aims to provide relevant and curated content, learning opportunities and the ability to connect with live coaches.

The company has secured $7 million in seed funding to accelerate its efforts. The round, which included participation from Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners, will be used to fuel its operations to meet the growing demand for its mental health offerings.

BeMe’s tech-forward mobile platform is designed to help teens navigate life through on-demand coaching support, clinically informed care activities and media-inspired features meant to make mental health fun again. The company’s flagship app also incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content and science-backed activities. Other highlights include its Teen Advisory Board, which is designed to collect the right type of data to inform future product enhancements. BeMe is the first of its kind, combining the best aspects of digital media and live support to create a truly empowering mental health experience that makes it easier than ever for teens to get their mental health in check.

BeMe is a behavioral health company.

BeMe is a digital behavioral health company that offers mental health content, care activities, coaching and clinical telehealth support. Its platform is a mobile application that provides teens with content, self-guided activities, and coaching support.

BeMe has secured $7 million in seed financing and entered into partnerships with leading commercial and Medicaid healthcare payors to transform behavioral health for teens. The funding will be used to accelerate and scale operations around BeMe’s unique tech-enabled approach to teen mental health.

Molina Healthcare of California has partnered with BeMe to provide a new digital behavioral health tool for Molina Medi-Cal members. The app will provide Molina members ages 13 to 19 with access to science-backed content, tools, and resources that help them navigate some of the most prevalent mental and social challenges facing youth today.

The BeMe app combines science-backed digital tools with live human connection for maximum support and impact. It also provides content curated with BeMe’s clinical experts and tailored to the language, experiences and culture of Latino/x youth.

BeMe is a social media company.

BeMe is a social media company that focuses on the mental health and emotional well-being of teens. It offers a mobile platform that enables users to share curated content and connect with live coaches.

Beme’s founder, Casey Neistat, says the app is meant to capture raw types of content and feelings that other apps like Instagram and Facebook don’t have. It lets you take four-second videos and send them to people you follow who can react to them.

The company is led by a cross-disciplinary team of experts in teen social media, technology, and mental health. Its leadership includes two clinical psychologists and a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist.

BeMe provides a modern, engaging user experience that allows for self-guided experiences, skills-based coaching, and measurement-based child and adolescent clinical services. By understanding how teens engage with this platform, BeMe can provide interventions that are right for them at any given time.

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